Progress in the nursery

The nursery is coming together.  This past weekend I attached hanging hardware on the paintings that we purchased from this Etsy shop and hung them over the crib.  I used my mad-math skills to figure out the perfect placement; I think it turned out well.

I also hung up some shelves for corner to give it some visual interest, which it desperately needed.  I think this will be more for show, so I hung them fairly high, so the little monster couldn't get at them anytime soon.

DH also participated in the nursery preparations by carrying up the heavy rug pad and putting it in place.  He had to move the crib around for this, so I'm glad he took care of it.  Thank you!!  The rug is now super soft and will be a great place for little one to roll around comfortably.

Oh, and I have one panel done of the curtains, but that's it so far.  I'm a little annoyed that I didn't pay closer attention to the fabric as it is polyester and needs to be ironed.  Obviously that isn't going to work.  I tried the suggestions of ironing it with a towel on top and on low, but direct.  Unfortunately, it didn't make much difference. Bugger.  I still have yet to try the steam in a bathroom idea.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. The nursery looks great!! So exciting!! I love the shelves with the books on them. Great idea!

    Take that bumper back!!

  2. What you're seeing is the crib skirt. I still need a mattress and sheets, but I suspect I'll get those at the upcoming shower.

    But yes, I still need to take back the bumper. Its in a bag & ready to go.


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