So, I have been avoiding names on here, but after some consideration, I've come to the conclusion that first names are okay.  My husband (DH) is Alex and our baby will be Isaac.

It's mostly about Isaac that I would like to talk today. Here's the deal.  I found out recently that someone named their newborn Isaac.  For some reason this bothered me.  I realize there will be other Isaacs, but I guess I wasn't thinking that there would be another one so close in age. The person who told me said that Isaac is a popular name.  This bothered me even more!  No, I protested in my mind; no, it's not.  It's the perfect not-too-popular, not-obscure name that my husband suggested for our unborn baby boy.  I looked it up, this name, OUR name, is ranked #37 in the US for 2012.  Okay, admittedly, that's a bit popular.  But it's not Liam, Ethan, and Noah (top three.)

I started thinking about my irrational reaction.  Do I really think Isaac will be completing for his identity in his kindergarten class filled with little Isaac's?  Not really, I just don't like the idea of my boy being frustrated by this.  I don't want him to be something like "glasses Isaac" as a means to distinguish him from the other myriad of Isaac's.  Plus, that somehow diminishes the care and thought we put into picking out his name in my mind.

Alex suggested (after I admitted I kept on misspelling Isaac - two "s" instead of one and one "a" instead of two - more mistyping than misspelling) that we give him a crazy spelling and Apple-fy the name like iSAK.  Well, that would take care of one problem, but, no.  We're definitely not going to be those parents.

The lesson of the story?  I think I just need to smile and say, "What a great name; in fact, we're planning on using the same one" instead of my initial reaction of "NO!; that's our name!!"

Here's my 32 week bump:
32 weeks


  1. Isaac is the perfect name. For me, he will be the only one.

  2. I love your rationalization!! I love this post in its honesty and craziness that comes with being a mama! I am sure you looked up the name Olivia, and it is SO popular (#4 in 2012), and I knew it going in, but having Daddy be the one to suggest it gives him a part of baby when he can't have a part of baby since right now little Isaac is only your's! (At least that is how I justified not naming her Elizabeth Renae-- thank God I didn't!!)

    And you look fabulous!! Seriously! Model worthy!


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