Family visit & Braxton Hicks

My wonderful mother-in-law come to visit this past weekend.  Earlier in the month, I wasn't able to get all the awesome shower presents home.  My MIL took some with her to drop off when she visited next.  This was great because she even did some reupholstering!  We've had a rocking chair in the family for quite a while (not entirely sure of the origin) but it was in need of some repair.  DH is going to work on the joinery since some of the wood is splitting slightly & his mom took care of the seat.  First, I must say that it is now WAY more comfortable to site on.  Plus the new fabric is much improved over the old vinyl - it'll even go with the nursery walls.  She and a friend redid the seat themselves.  They said that the old batting included straw!  How old was this??

Some of the things weren't necessarily from the shower, but they were given to me by my sisters.  Thank you!!! (Please excuse the boxes and bags still in the nursery)  It all takes time.

For the most part, I've been feeling great. However, this past weekend, I think I was just a little tired plus I felt like I was just a bit under the weather (allergies & congestion.)  I'm thinking that's what set the scene for Monday night, which included one painful contraction and many Braxton-Hicks contractions. After calling the nurse-line after the painful one, then my Dr an hour later when I had more than 4 BH in one hour, I learned that as long as they weren't coming at regular intervals and weren't the "regular" painful kind, I was okay.  This was actually rather relieving to find out.  I now know what to watch out for, but am taking it easy tonight.

I've also learned the joys of softening joints - ouch!  I'm thinking my hips will hurt for the rest of the pregnancy.  When my sister was pregnant and getting to the 'uncomfortable' stage, her friend said to "keep your eye on the prize."  Since I'm apparently a whiner, I've adopted this as my motto. :-)

To end on a happier note, baby is growing and constantly moving around. Hooray!

To end on a funny, note, though, I'm including a link to a very humerous blog that my friend introduced me to.  This post is "10 Great things about being pregnant." Enjoy
30 weeks (notice Roy is in the shot as well :-)


  1. Lea AnnJune 4, 2013 at 7:45 PM
    You are beyond beautiful. I'm glad you're taking it easy. Will you work up until delivery or will you take a little time off toward your due date? Might be a good idea. Sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your legs can help with the whole soft joints thing. Huge hugs

  2. I agree with Lea Ann. Unfortunately in the US, we don't have very good maternity leave. We shouldn't have to trade baby time for "I'm so big I cannot work" time. Ask your boss if you can work from home half days in July and August! I think it would be good for you and baby!

    Early contractions are scary! I hope you are feeling well now!


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