Bonus post

This is mostly because I'm excited.  We now have a hammock!  My neighbor said that when she was pregnant with her twins she used hers all the time; the bed conformed to her body and was very comfortable.  DH wasn't too sure about me using it after he tested it at first, but I think it's because he thought it was awkward to get into & out of.  It's really not as long as you sit first then put your legs up.

I think he's okay with me using it as long as we don't put it any higher - it's quite low now.  Even then he's not too sure; I think he thinks I'll fall.  We've tested it some and are thrilled with it... as long as it's not too warm out. Hooray for the hammock!

Also, a small update on baby movements.  I've tried capturing him on video, but each time the movements seem too subtle.  That is until I put my phone or camera down.  Occasionally he'll start moving around during a meeting with someone who is in clear view of all the movement. It tends to be rather difficult focusing on work when this happens.  Oh, just ignore the movements under my shirt. Should I actually say that or would doing so just bring more attention to the fact my belly looks like a scene out of Alien?  Surely it's at least somewhat obvious to more than just me. Maybe not since they can't feel him like I can.


  1. Love the hammock, but I understand Alex's fears!

    LOVE your last paragraph! Hahaha!


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