That pretty much sums up my week.  I've just been so tired.  I feel like those little to-do things around the house just aren't getting done.  For example, I still have my Easter Decorations up.  My plan was to keep them up during April, but I have no excuse for the past two weeks.  After dinner, dishes, laundry, etc. I simply don't care enough to do the little extras around the house.  I've been combating this issue by working out during my lunch for the past two days.  It has seemed to help.  I'm not stumbling in the door in the evening wanting a nap to recharge before doing anything else at least.

We do have a few perks from this past week, though.  DH set  up the stroller, so we're feeling a bit more ready, which is nice.  We even have the car seat snapped in.  We'll have to practice putting it on and taking it off, though, as this is a rather rough process at this point - I can see little one being jostled terribly in the process.  Our inexperience is showing.

Notice all the warning labels - yikes!!
Another plus comes in the form of plants.  For a while we've been meaning to plant something in the two-foot area between the driveway and our fence.  We left a bit of room on purpose so we didn't accidentally bump the car into the fence each time we maneuver in and out of the garage.  We purchased two flats of a decorative grass that flowers in the summertime with pretty blue/purple petals.  We also bought a hosta that DH liked and two types of basil, because what is summer without fresh basil?  How else would I make fresh Basil Chimichurri (oh so good with a bakery baguette, or on grilled meat, etc.) and Pesto?

Yay basil!
Small update on baby: he's been crazy active lately.  Yesterday I thought he was having a dance party.  Doesn't he know that dance parties are for Fridays?  I have so much to teach him.  DH has gotten to feel and see him move more, too, which is always kind of fun.  Oh, and now that he (baby) has a sense of equilibrium  he turns every time I do at night.

This picture is dedicated to my sister-in-law; she wanted to see me look like I have a ball under my shirt.  Last week someone said (as I was sitting at my desk) that I looked like I had a basketball under my shirt. Considering I have until the middle of August, I think I'll get to a small beach-ball size by then.

27 weeks - entering third trimester!!


  1. "Doesn't he know that dance parties are for Fridays? I have so much to teach him." Hahaha! Love it!

    And it's okay to be tired. As you know!

    That picture is AWESOME!! You look like you are all boobs and belly! You even look like you are losing in your face...are you eating enough? Oh, the basketball will grow!

  2. Turns out I am accidentally losing - I'm sure I'll gain it back, though. A good excuse for an extra glass of OJ or snack!


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