The crib has arrived

We're so excited!  (Funny what qualifies as exciting now) It looks great & it's huge!  DH did a great job finding places with hardwood cribs.  He may not treat himself to good office furniture, but he wants the best for our baby; how sweet :-).

It will have the paintings up behind it, but I need to figure out how to hang canvas (gallery wrap) paintings securely.  Were it in any other room, I'd probably use big pushpins, but I can see them falling right into the crib; not the scenario I want when I finally get the little tyke to sleep.

In other news Roy and DH have been playing even more outside now that the weather is cooperating.  This is DH trying to tire Roy out a bit before his walk. You can also see how well the garlic is doing :-).

Next week: curtains!


  1. I am so happy for you guys. :)

  2. That crib is amazing! I love it! Great job!!

    And I am so glad summer has come to your town!


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