Mostly plants - some baby

Sorry this post is late.  We've been mostly working on garden stuff this past week (by "we" I mean DH.)  He put in the ornamental grasses, ferns our friend gave us, and the hosta he bought.  We also bought a hydrangea and two shrubs, but those aren't in just yet.

Though something is obviously eating this iris, it is still pretty.
The "Praying hands" host DH just planted
The ornamental grass DH planted
In baby news, little one has changed his schedule to better match mine.  He's actually awake during the daytime and asleep (mostly) at night.  I think this is because I sit at work a lot and he isn't being lulled to sleep.  I honestly don't know, but it seems right.  :-)

Oh, as you may have noticed I don't put our names (first or last) on here for privacy purposes (except Roy, of course,) so I'm starting to think of what I can call Little One.  Maybe that's it - LO?  DH suggested he have a wrestling name of Ass Kicker and go by AK.  Not sure about that one, though admittedly, this baby does kick mine from time to time.

Speaking of kicking - he's been kicking up a storm.  The other day he kicked the inside of my hip so hard that I jumped out of my seat. Since then he's given me a few more swift kicks that are quite startling.  He hasn't taken my breath away, but I'm sure once he's head down and his feet are by my lungs, that is a possibility :-).  I've tried to capture some of his rolling and bigger movements on video, but he seems to be a bit camera shy.

In Roy news - we've discovered that he loves sweet potatoes (have I already mentioned this?)  We slice them up to just under a 1/4 inch and bake them on low for several hours.  He thinks they are a great treat.  They are supposed to be chewy, but DH puts them in the freeezer so they are crisp, which Roy loves.  Plus, they are much better for him than beef jerky, though I'm sure he's still prefer that :-).

He turns 5 next month.  I'd like to do something slightly special, but no doggie party or anything.  Any ideas?


  1. For Roy: Dog park, perhaps? Take him to the pet store if there is a friendly one around and let him pick out his own toy?

    For the names: Really? Privacy? That is something Mom would do. Who do you think is reading this? I think you, Stacey, Juliet, and the occasional grandparent are my only readers.

    For the plants: Love it! All that looks low maintenance, which is how I like my plants!

    And I am excited for any video that may come!

  2. About the privacy - you may be right. I think we'd probably be fine with first names. I just don't like being able to be searched by last name.

    1. I hadn't thought about the last names. I don't even know if our's is on my blog or not. Probably. :(


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