Another short post

Not a lot to post this week.  We've been social butterflies with parties and dinners, but not much is going on in the way of house or baby.  My To-Do list is constantly growing with nursery items (put up the curtain rods, buy green fabric for the curtains, sew curtains, put up curtains, etc.)  DH's list is growing as well.  He has to do the outlets in the nursery, plus a lot in the yard now that Spring is here, but he's trying to push up work deadlines before the little one gets here.  It's hard to balance it all.  I know, I know, just wait.  It's true, but naps and daily household chores seem more important than most big projects at this point.  I still have over three months to go.  I'm trying not to stress it.

One kind of fun thing; I did just get a little boost at work. I've been added to a regional council, which sounds impressive; we'll see how it actually goes though. :-)

Here are some pics to fill the void.

Our Azalea's are in bloom!
Roy and DH playing in the yard while they can (rain tomorrow)
24 1/2 weeks
25+ weeks - not my best look, but still it gives you an idea that the little guy is getting bigger


  1. You look so cute!! Are those your azaleas? Beautiful!


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