All about weather (showers, under-the-, and what comes with Spring)

This past weekend was wonderful.  My sister hosted a baby shower at her house and it went wonderfully   There were several people that were unable to make it, but it went off without a hitch.  Despite the rainy weekend, we had a full house.  This was primarily a family shower and it was wonderful to see so many people.

So many wonderful things for baby!
Lots of sweets. :-)
My whiny-ness (I realize this isn't an actual word) for the week.  Oh the heart burn. I've found a few triggers, which I stay away from, but it seems I just have it randomly, too.  One thing to add - Tums, you are a joke.

In other news DH had a big work week, but is currently under the weather (odd expression, really - I imagine a little rain cloud following him around and drenching him at regular intervals.)  Fortunately his work went well and he's now on the mend.

A small update for Roy.  He's been enjoying the Spring with back seat rides with the window rolled down and his head out.  Now when he's in the car he whines a bit until we roll the window down for him.  We're rarely on the highway with him, so this isn't too much of an issue.  Also, as you may know, Roy isn't one for watching TV; however, he hangs out with us downstairs while we do.  The only exception to this rule we have found is Scooby Doo.  DH bought the complete set for our newest addition to the family with the thought that many of today's cartoons aren't worth watching.  However, the brilliance of 1969 Hanna-Barbera Productions cannot be easily topped.  Apparently Roy agrees.  Much to our amazement, he watched for at least 6-7 MINUTES. We find this incredible and completely out of character.


  1. Your baby is so loved already! As are you! I hate that I missed the shower. Boo!

    Bring on the whiny-ness. You are totally allowed. Welcome third trimester.

    Roy has good taste.


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