Visit, Rug, Clock, Baby bump

This past week we were quite the entertainers.  My MIL came for a day to check out an orchid exhibit at the Botanical Gardens.  We all had lunch together when she came into town & then she and DH went to the gardens while I went back to work. That evening we went out to eat and had a relaxing evening in.  The next morning she was off already, but it worked out well, because my sister and her husband came that evening.  It was a great visit.  We were able to catch up, have sister time while the men-folk worked, eat good food, and even eat sweets that weren't necessarily good for us, but tasted yummy anyway.  It was great having them in for a few days - plus this was the first time they saw our place.  I'm sure there will be even more changes if she's able to come back after baby. If not, they'll be on here!

We were able to get some errands done, too.  I was in desperate need of new black flats: it was great having some sister fashion advice & not DH saying "they look fine."  Plus, I needed to pick up fabric for the nursery since I was planning on making curtains & my sis has experience making them as well.  The first place had the perfect fabric, but not enough yardage.  The second place didn't have any fabric I liked.  The third place had actual curtains! Hooray - no sewing involved.  DH and I plan on hanging them this weekend!  Pictures to come.  You can get of a sneak preview with the rug we just bought for the room.  I'm starting to get excited about the nursery.  My sis and her hubby brought a lot of baby stuff with them - THANK YOU!!  I need to figure out where to put stuff.  The one dresser in the room is completely full now.

New rug with curtains that don't match, but that's okay.  The room will have several greens.
Check out the bassinet  they brought with them!  Weeks ago I dreamed that I had the baby early (but totally healthy) and was freaking out because we had no place to put him. Ha! Well, now we do. :-)  It's nice that it's already on my side of the bed in the Master bedroom.  The plan in to have baby there for at least a month.  A friend had her little girl in one all of one night.  After a terrible night, baby went in her own room in the crib.  We'll see what works. I'm flexible (I think that is a parenting pre-requisite.)

I've registered for a little more boyish boppy covers, too.
I also have a bit of catching up to do.  I took my Black Forest cuckoo clock out of storage a few weeks ago & it needed some repair.  After a new chain, gear straightening, and some cleaning, it's as good as new.  This is sort of a family tradition.  Each child in the family is taken to Germany sometime in their youth.  The occasion is typically commemorated by purchasing an original Black Forest clock. I'm so happy to have mine back up.  We did find out that Roy wasn't too sure about the little bird that pops out, though.  It's really unfortunate because the little people above dance around the little guys with the beer steins bang the cups against the table.  It's amazing, mostly, because they never spill a drop!

Cuckoo - never mind the wall paint - the entry hasn't been painted yet
In baby bump news - I'm bigger.  I wasn't expecting my hips to widen so soon (who am I kidding - I'm sure it's partly extra poundage - just over 10 lbs so far - yikes, but right on track;) it's all part of the process.  Fortunately, I have two sisters to ask about this and they were both able to fit back into their pre-pregnancy clothes post baby.


  1. Wow! Nice post! You covered a lot!

    I love the idea of lots of greens in the room! I think that will be perfect for your boy...but could be perfect for a girl later on, too!

    The clock looks great! I didn't realize you had just gotten it out of storage!

    You look fantastic and are doing simply amazing!! Your energy level far outweighed mine during the same stage of my pregnancies! Kudos!

    Oh, and we had a great visit, too!

  2. I run low on energy some days. I'll go home, take a nap & still go to bed early. I think that's to be expected, though.


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