My wonderful DH

My dear husband is truly wonderful.  I've known this for years, but throughout this pregnancy, he's been especially kind and thoughtful.  He has taken it upon himself to lift anything over 10 lbs (this includes groceries, vacuum, laundry, step stools, etc up and down stairs for me.)  He encourages me to take naps and/or go to bed early if he sees me slowing down a bit.  He picks up the slack with laundry, dishes, and other household chores that I may put off.

He does all this and still makes time for his work and extra projects around the house, such as replacing the ugly lights on the second floor.  If you recall I was a bit disheartened when he told me our wiring would not accommodate new flush-mount fixtures.  I was really hoping to get rid of the ugly.  A little while ago he found the solution - Semi-Flush mount lights.  While these weren't our first pick, they are still a great improvement over what we had.



DH also planted some hostas that a neighbor gave us.  I'm excited to see them grow.  (Sorry, no pics, the ground was soggy.) First, we'll need the sun to come back.  It's apparently on holiday this week after working overtime last week.


  1. Yes, this is why there is a dad in the equation! It's way too hard to go it alone!

    And the lights look great!


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