So, I told my grandmother that the baby's room was going to be green, but some of the greens don't match.  Her response, "And the baby's going to know?"  True, he's not going to complain about the color coordination, but it would be nice if they were a bit closer.  I love having the curtains finished, and didn't mind they didn't match the carpet, but now that we received the artwork (woo hoo!!) nothing matches :-(.

The side ones are 20 inches tall and the middle is 24 inches square.
I'm thinking about taking the curtains back, since I still have the packaging and never got around to ironing them to put them up.  The rug and artwork are a cooler green, whereas the curtains are a warm green.  I think this is an easy fix by exchanging the curtains.

I'm thinking something along this line may be better.  Plus, it would go with the "grass" rug and animals a bit more anyway.

I could always do a "semi homemade" curtain - Sandra Lee style :-)  I thought I could buy thick white curtains (but not black out) and add a stripe or panel like:

 (but in a cool green and white)

DH is happy with the current curtains, but I'm still on the fence.  What do you think?

A small note on the artwork - DH and I are very pleased.  I got them from this Etsy shop.  The artist is great, she even recommended colors based on our nursery walls.  She had never done the gorilla before, but since it's one of DH's favorites, I asked and she really came through!


  1. I love the curtains in the second picture best! You are going to be looking at them for years, so get what you like best!!

  2. I think I see what you have in mind. The curtain will be a clear white with a green line at the end? That’s much better than the first one. Based on your choice of design, I guess you’re going to have a baby boy. If it is a boy, then I think the first one is a little girly for him. Roxie @


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