Two week update

A lot has happened in two weeks: I went to a conference in Austin (85+ when I stepped off the plane - I changed into a dress once at the conference hotel;) I had a birthday and DH proved to have a surprise up his sleeve; we received about a foot of snow; I had a work snow-day; I've somehow managed to get a little ill (sore throat, but on the mend); and baby is showing even more.

I don't have any pictures of Austin or the conference, but it was just work. I didn't really venture out too much since my sessions were from 8:30 - 5:30 each day, then there were receptions to attend, etc., etc.

My birthday was great.  DH was in charge of dinner and I made a coconut cake.  It was a thai recipe that called for coconut milk and coconut oil, instead of butter.  The oil, which is a solid at room temperature, was a little different to work with, but it was rather tasty.  I like using whipped cream for icing as that has enough yumminess without adding more fat & sugar. Plus, the toasted coconut sticks to it very well.

I caution all, never to walk away from the kitchen while you are doing toasting coconut.  On the plus side, I did find out that the smoke detector in the kitchen works. :-)
You'll notice that I obviously made another batch for the cake.
 DH was funny about the snow - upon looking at the covered ground & trees he said, "Spring Break 2013!"  We knew that Roy loved the snow, but we found out that he really likes it when it is 33 degrees out.  He played, ran, rolled, and even laid down in it for a while (not to mention ate quite a bit of it, too.)
Front yard
Roy loving the snow
This was part way through the storm - it was even worse once the whole thing had finished.
Baby's growing and kicking. Do I look bigger than two weeks ago?  Small complaint while growing a baby - why the heartburn? Okay, I understand the physical changes with digestion and the like - but this is becoming a nearly every-day thing.  Sleeping sitting up (but still on my side) isn't that comfortable.

If you notice my necklace, you can see how DH surprised me on my birthday.  I asked for a cookbook from a blog that I follow.  Underneath the book was another box - a large jewelry box.  He normally isn't one for surprises, though I love it when he is.  I think this was a combination of "Happy Birthday" and "Thanks for carrying my child." :-)


  1. Wow! You were seriously up early Friday!! You look super cute, Alex did an awesome birthday job (hard to top!), and Roy is hilarious in the snow! Yay team Vix!

  2. Well, it posts on California time, so I wasn't up that early. But DH did do a good job.


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