Rain, Flowers, Baby talk

It seems this dreary weather is ever lasting.  We've had weeks of snow, sleet, rain, and ever-present cloud coverage.  One day it will be sunny and warm again.  One day.  What really throws me is that the birds are chirping and the buds are on trees.  Really?  In this weather?

This past weekend we received so much rain that it turned our backyard into a river.  I guess it's better than our neighbors who had the lake with our fence acting as a dam.  Our other neighbor just had a hugh swamp.  I think they still do, even today.  DH is talking about either a dry well or rock garden to help the situation.  We'll have to look into that a bit more and do a few soil tests to determine the best move.

Though mostly cloudy each day, we have had enough sun to get a few flowers around the neighborhood - and inside.
Early Daffodil
Snow Drops
Hyacinth on my window sill - It already smells great even though it's not all the way open.

Baby update - For the past three days I have felt baby move.  It is so reassuring to know that everything is okay in there.  On Saturday DH and I were driving up and down hills.  Apparently baby thought that was a lot of movement and let me know about it.  On Sunday I enjoyed a half-caff coffee and that also stirred up some movement.  Yesterday I had a piece of chocolate (just one) in the afternoon; that also got a response.  Hooray!  I thought I felt some light flutters before, but wasn't really sure.  These movements lately have been a thump or flick on the inside.

An update on the bump - I feel huge!  I've already bumped my belly into something.  Also, Roy has nudged his nose on it several times.  I think he must normally come up to me and put his nose up towards me, but now there is a belly in the way.
18 weeks
As for starting a chart, I'm not sure I can because I really only have a guess of my measurements before.   I think I will start to measure across my belly button starting with week 18.

Also, I'll be at a conference out of town next week, so I'll probably skip next week's post.  DH and Roy will have to fend for themselves, though I'm sure they'll manage just fine.


  1. Sorry about the river in your yard, but at least it isn't next to the house! How does Roy do in the rain? How are your floors faring?

    Your flower pictures are great! It looks a little springy there! My hyacinth outside bloomed...and Olivia picked all four blooms. They smelled great inside!

    You look fantastic! I think you can have more than one piece of chocolate! I allowed myself one Diet Coke a week, and I am sure I had more chocolate than that! I'm so glad Baby is doing great!!

  2. I realized I never responded. Roy goes out the kitchen door, so we are able to contain the mess. Normally, we just put down an old towel during ugly wet days so Roy walks on it as soon as he comes in. Plus, he knows to sit on it so we can dry him off.


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