Oh boy!

It's a boy!  We just found out the other day.  We have several pictures from the sonogram, so are including two.  They also did the "4-D" one, but DH and I both thought it looked a little creepy with the umbilical cord over part of the face making him look distorted.... so, we're not including those.

This was an anatomy scan, so they checked the kidneys, facial bones, arms, legs, hands, feet, and four-chamber heart beating at close up.  The last one was the coolest to see.  Since I'm still in the 18th week, they had some difficulty looking at all the parts of the brain, so I'm having another one in a month.


  1. I'm so glad you posted and didn't make us wait for two whole weeks to comment on how excited we are about you having a boy!! Three little Stemm boys running around within 18 months of each other! Awesome!

    And, more importantly, I am excited that he is healthy and everything looks great developmentally! And having your fourth ultrasound? I'm jealous! I just had two for each kid!


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