Light & Bump

This past week, DH said something wonderful to me: "We can put up the new light in the dining room; the wires will work." Well, I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.  The new upstairs ceiling mounted lights just didn't work with our wiring, but, the ugliness that was the dining room light is now gone.

A friend commented on how dirty the chain was a while ago.  After being a little embarrassed  I realized that it wasn't cobwebs on the old chandelier, it was plastic still on the chain!  When the previous homeowners put it up, they never took it off.  How many years did they live with that? Yes, I know we've been in the house a while, too, but it was always our intent to redo it.  

What do you think? I'm so impressed with the brushed nickle finish.  It looks great with the registers that DH put in a while ago. Also, I don't have a bunch of stuff hanging down to obstruct my view.  It's nice being able to see our art on the walls.

A much cleaner more "us" look

Also, I have an update on the bump.  Honestly, I don't feel any bigger this week, but who knows.  I'll try to keep wearing the same photo-outfit for consistent pictures as different pants yield different bump results.  I say that, but the one jeans are in the wash - these are the same style of jean, though.

17 weeks

What do you think - any bigger?  I'm up four pounds total.


  1. I love the new chandelier! It is much more you and much less Grandma Mae!

    And I think that you look (1) totally adorable, and (2) just a little bigger than 15.5 weeks! Yay, little peanut! You're growing!

  2. I think you should start a growth chart, only outward instead of upward. :)


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