Snow, Bump, Lights

This past week we received about 5 inches of snow.  My work closed for several hours on both days.  These pictures were taken part-way through the storm, so it doesn't show all the snow we had.  Plus we had several layers of snow, ice, snow, ice, etc, which didn't allow you to sink all the way to the ground, so it's a little misleading.

Our road.
Roy enjoying sniffing under the snow.
Back yard.
I'm going to start taking side shots to show off the baby bump.  I've picked out some clothes that I should be able to wear the whole time. Yay for maternity jeans.  Who knew Heidi Klum had such a great collection?
This represents a little over 12 weeks.
15 1/2 weeks.
In other news, while I was visiting family over the weekend, DH replaced our sconces. Hooray!  They look so much better.
Out with the old.
In with the new.
He was planning on doing more light fixtures, but we have old wiring.  Boo.  Our options are to either look for old fixtures to replace the ugly or rewire the house.  Sigh.


  1. Yay for baby bump photos! You are too cute!! And so small that you are hardly showing!

    And the snow pictures are great! I love the first one!


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