And baby makes four

Its general knowledge now, but I'm still not posting our news on FaceBook.  DH, Roy, and I are welcoming a baby to the family in the middle of August!

I'm still around pre-pregnancy weight, so many people still can't tell, but I certainly can see/feel some changes already.  It's mostly like, gee, she needs to go to the gym to get rid of that pooch.  I'm not even at the "is she, isn't she" stage yet.  I'm sure I'll get there soon enough, though.  I'll start taking some side shots soon for comparisons along the way.

We are planning on finding out if we should start buying blue or pink, but that isn't for another month.  If we go by the old-wives tale of what you crave (sweet for girl, salty/briny for boy,) we're going to have a lot of blue around soon. Then again, someone at work had two girls and she craved pickle juice, so who knows. I'll keep you updated.

This is an ultrasound picture from three weeks ago, so there's not a lot of definition. You get the idea, though. She/he was turning a lot, so the pics didn't turn out wonderfully.  It was fun to see him/her kick, squirm, and roll, though.  DH and I are looking forward to the next one next month.

The nursery will be the old master; the green room from this post: Third and Fourth Completed Rooms. It's one of the few rooms that has decent paint, so we're leaving it.  Plus the honeydew melon-colored walls is pretty neutral.  I think the two closets will be nice for clothes as well as toys and other sundries.  The bed that's in there now will go downstairs into my craft room.  We may need to take out the microwave and do some slight rearranging, but there's time for that.

We've started thinking about decorating the nursery, but haven't decided on anything just yet.  We will soon, I'm sure.  We are probably getting shades and I'm thinking about making some basic curtains to match some artwork that we're getting for the room - animal silhouettes.  The curtains in there now came with the house and really don't match our style.  We left them in there for the time being, though.


  1. The baby is already beautiful, just like his (or her) parents.

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