The time has arrive.  The moment you've all been waiting for.  We've had a delivery ... of our living room furniture!  I now have a place to read my magazines and Nook and still enjoy a bit of the sunshine.  DH has a place to read for work in the evenings.  It's lovely, and comfortable.

I'll admit, I wasn't sold on the idea of the sectional.  DH had to convince me, but we couldn't be more pleased.  It is great for lounging around.  The dark grey is has a lot of brown in it, but it does have some lighter blue/grey flecks that pick up on the wall color well.  The chair and a half is big enough for me to side sideways on and read comfortably.  Plus, the pattern brightens up the room.  Oh, and the ottoman has storage - hooray!  I think having it all together completes the room, don't you think?

I was planning on buying some inexpensive side tables and lamps for the sides of the sectional, but Target and Homegoods didn't have anything we liked.  Overstock and Amazon are next.  DH suggested Tuesday Mornings for lamps, so we'll have to look there as the former two places didn't give us what we were looking for either.  Perhaps I'll have some updates for the room next week.


  1. The furniture looks great! And comfortable, too, which sometimes is hard to have both. I love the vase and the room view from the last picture! What a home you are making!

  2. Love the room...all the colors look great together...good job!


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