Finally the final room!

It's been months in the making & though we still have DH's office to finish furnishing, my craft room was the wanting soul in the house.  It started out as the "dump the leftover boxes in here until we settle things."  Then, it was simply forgotten... for a while. The good news is that my craft room is now officially complete. :-)

Now, I know your thinking - Gee, that looks like the same wall color.  Well, you'd be right.  I planned on painting it several times, but the timing wasn't ever right.  Plus, with a few things on the walls, the green is less bothersome.  Plus, it is a basement and the color is bright.  So, there is an up side to this.  As you can see, I've grown accustomed to the brightness.  

So, I realize I have two sewing machines.  That is kind of a long story.  I plan on giving one to a friend who is showing interest in taking classes and learning to do at least the basics, like sewing a hem and using it for a few craft projects.

The random microwave is left over from our rental house.  We didn't have one there and my parents bought us a microwave/convection oven.  It was wonderful being able to bake cookies in the middle of the summer without warming up the whole kitchen.  Here, however, we don't need another one in the kitchen.  This one is typically used for popcorn and warming up tea while DH and I watch movies/TV.  We have a few friends who may have need for one soon, though.

In this picture you'll see the closet shelving.  I'm hooked - go Amazon!  All of the boxes that were in the room are now unpacked and things are put away.  It seems I have a lot more decoration/picture & wrapping paper/boxes storage in there than actual crafting stuff, but that's how it goes I guess.  Perhaps a closet door would be nice, too.  It  might make things look a bit more tidy.  I plan on purchasing more storage shelving to go underneath the cork board on the far wall as you enter.  I still have a few things I'd like to move into the room that weren't there yet, but should be.  What do you think?


  1. It looks great! I think the bright wall color for a basement is a really good idea!

    A closet door would do wonders for making things feel neat, I think. I bet you could even make a cloth drape.

    I would pull out the sewing table so that you can hang fabric over the back. Maybe you do that and then put it right back...

    I love the secretary!

  2. I have canvas for the table, actually. I was thinking about doing matching curtains but making them a bit long and off to the sides as I don't want to cover up what little natural light I have.


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