Roy and Lights

Roy has been enjoying the colder weather.  Recently he has been a bit more hyper and getting into things.  Many days DH is up when I leave for work.  On days that he isn't, I put up a gate, so Roy can't go upstairs to wake up DH.  Plus, I give Roy a Kong ball with treats inside to distract him.  Apparently that game is getting old because this morning, he went downstairs and grabbed a box out of the recycling.  Today is recycling day, so that was slightly helpful.  He also got into his food.  Apparently I left the pantry door slightly ajar.  Even though he has never gotten into food before, he tore off the door to the food caddy and ate.... a lot.  My guess is about 8 - 10 cups.  He ate so much that he had his fill!  He had finished eating by the time DH came down (about 1/2 hour after I left.) Plus, his stomach looked seriously big.

Here he is after a full day of getting into stuff and is now sleeping it off.

In non-Roy news, we recently purchased sconces for the entry.  Here's the before:
It's less than beautiful.

The one's we picked up match the brushed nickel that we have in other areas, such as the register covers.  It requires a bit of wiring stuff, so DH will have to do it.... when he has time.
It can either point down or up when they are hung.  I'm not sure which I like better.


  1. Roy is hilarious! I love "Roy news"!

    And the sconces look promising! The "when he has time" line is classic...time is truly a person's most precious asset! I'm excited to see the "afters" soon!


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