Merry late Christmas

We had quite the Christmas with family visits, a Roy freak-out/ escape from his travel crate, and the threat of a great ice-snow storm.  It turned out to be a lovely Christmas even though we came home a bit early.  We were still able to go to Christmas parties, spend relaxing time with family, and see the little family members run around with their new toys (or weapons, depending on who it was.)

To prepare for the holidays, I made my caramel-chocolate covered pretzel rods.  They only have three ingredients, but they are a bit time consuming as you have to wait several hours between the caramel and chocolate in order for the former to harden properly.

The three ingredients

I unwrapped each candy the night before.

Covering with caramel

Covering with chocolate

A little added decoration

When we returned from our slightly -shortened visit we opened stockings.  DH bought Roy plenty of treats for the holiday season.

We also saw the damage of the ferocious storm.  Granted, we were supposed to only catch one side of it, but we expected a little more than this.  The real threat was where we were supposed to drive through.  That actually did get quite a bit.
Steps to the porch

We did get about 1/2 in to 3/4 of an inch last night.  I'll take some more pictures today and post them in a day or two.


  1. Heidi,...I absolutely love your pretzels they were very tasty...great seeing you guys at Christmas...Happy New Year!!


  2. You have to show this post to Mom!! She told me that she was suspect that you actually made the pretzels yourself this year because they looked so professional!! You are the queen!


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