I was hoping, but...

This post was supposed to be about my Christmas tree and how I found Roy-friendly ornaments, but, we don't have one.  I know, it is a little shocking.  Here's what happened: we thought it was in storage, but we discovered that we must have donated it before moving to Missouri, then the pickings were slim when shopping last night, now we are sans Christmas tree.

I do have some other decorations to show you, though, such as the wreath my MIL gave me, which I redid.  Had I the presence of mind, I should have taken a before picture, but alas, I did not.  Most of it is reused, except for the bow, which I purchased.  I think it turned out well.

I also decorated my mantle.  I think it looks good with the greenery and gold leaves below the gold frame.  It's also decorated with Christmas cards and the like. We'll also get another stocking for Roy.

I also did a bit of work to the front yard.  I admit, it's not much, but the lights plus the candles in the windows is okay for our first year.

And, because I haven't included a picture of Roy lately, here you go.  We've been teaching him to read.  Since he can't speak, despite what DH says (such as, "Roy told me he wanted to...,) we're not sure if it is sinking in.


  1. You could get a real Christmas tree just for this year! Are you still in the market?

    I think the outdoor decorations look great! We just put bows ($3 each from Hobby Lobby) on our windows, and lights on the two evergreens right in front.

    I love the wreath! You should help me!

  2. Oh! The mantle looks great, too!

    And I always knew Roy was a smart one!


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