It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Won't you be my neighbor? (I couldn't resist.)  This weekend's weather has been wonderful!  I know that it isn't going to last, so on Roy's morning walk yesterday, I took the camera along.  I wanted to get a good shot of our tree in the front yard because I thought it was one of the few colorful ones remaining.  Much to my delight, though, I found several along the way that made the cut.

This is one of the first views I get in the morning; it is in our back yard looking east.  I'm happy I was up early enough to see the sun rising.

This is one of the trees in the neighborhood that pops out so brightly.

Here's another that is on our street.  We came across it at the end of our walk, so the sun was already hitting it.

One of our magnolia's out front still has gorgeous leaves on it.

Here's a picture of our wonderful tree in the front.  This was taken a few hours later since the sun still wasn't on it after our walk. I'm glad I got a picture when I did because yesterday afternoon, it started really dropping its leaves.  This morning there are hardly any left.  I'm reminded of the Whomping Willow shedding its leaves all at once.  Oh well, I did get a few good shots of it.


  1. I love leaf pictures! Our's aren't super beautiful in Alabama. I guess that is one drawback of the south. Your's are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


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