Halloween Catch up

We've been out of town for several days, so I missed my getting-back-to normal Monday post.  I meant to post on what we did with Halloween.  Granted, this is a week late, so I'll try to do an extra post, too.

DH and I planned for roughly 40-60 trick-or-treaters by buying two big bags of candy, each with a variety of 120 "fun size" chocolate bars.  We ended the night with only 14 kids.  Here are pictures during the night & after.

This is Roy as we handed out candy.  We discovered pretty early on that he needed to be tied up as he could easily push the front glass door with his nose & get out to see the kids. We also discovered that he needed a distraction as the kids walked around the neighborhood, hence the rawhide that he is sitting on and the Kong filled with treats.

I was also excited about handing out candy at our new house.  I decided that I needed a mask to wear, so I was properly in the spirit.  This mask is a little Mardi-Gras, but I thought it worked with my gold jewelry.  You'll notice the candy wrappers and Nook nearby.  That's how I spent my 4:30 - 9:30 (though, I did have a good dinner in between.)

When I took the above picture, DH asked what I was doing.  I responded with, "I want to show people how I spent the night."  He said I should take a picture of the bar to show how he spent the night. Ha!  I don't even think he had a drink, but I thought it was funny, so, I did. :-)

Hmm.  Upon looking at the picture, I'm not sure why we still have the Four Roses bottle.  Good memories, I guess.


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