Front steps & Decorations

DH and I have decorated for the season.  After finding out that we donated our Autumn wreath when we did our last big move, we decided to buy another.  Not finding any that we liked in terms of size, decoration, or price, I decided to make one.  I purchased a form and two strands of garland.  After a bit of time and some floral wire, I have something that I think looks great.  Granted, I could have used a bit more yellow, but I think it is okay.

Besides, I have plenty of yellow in the flowers. :-)


  1. You would definitely get a shout of "Mommy, look! Decorations! And a pumpkin!" from Olivia. She has learned the word decoration and yells whenever we see fall or Halloween decorations. Kudos to you for the D.I.Y.! Looks great!


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