Catch up

I have a few pictures to share that I've been sitting on for a while.  It seems that I always have something else to post about, so these are a little late.

I have a fun picture of DH grilling dinner (kobe burgers while his mom was in town.) He is remaining hidden to ensure a certain level of anonymity.  Plus he's showing off a bit of European flair with his footwear.

Also, I may have mentioned this, but I don't think I've shown any pictures.  We noticed that Roy liked to roll onto his back for us to rub his belly.  We decided to pair this action with a command for a comedic effect.  If he is laying down we say, "Bang" and he rolls over to play dead.  It's a fun trick that we've already showed off once much to the amusement of our friends.


  1. "Bang!" That's hilarious! I can hardly wait to visit and have you demonstrate for Olivia!


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