Labor Day weekend

Sorry I'm a bit behind on the posts.  We've had a great Labor Day weekend and it isn't even over yet.   We've had more family in and, despite the hurricane rain, we had a wonderful time.  A trip to the zoo, painting nails, making ice cream, and playing with Roy made the weekend go too fast.

Our niece was taken with Roy.  She drew a picture of a doggie school, complete with a water area, mud area, and muddy foot prints.  (She even created an inside blueprint on the back of the sheet!)  She also created a picture of him as well as his paw prints.  Very cute.

Roy did well this weekend, too.  He gets a little excited about company, but he still obeyed our commands.  DH is working with him on dropping the ball and frisbee. After the last one was shattered we purchased one that is meant for chewing.  While he doesn't chew too often, we've found that that is his signal that he's done playing.


  1. Cool! Your niece is an artist! Love it! And I love the Roy pictures! Sounds like you had a great time!


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