Back Yard Corner - Before & After

With the cooler weather this weekend, DH and I were able to work on the back yard.  There was really only one corner left, but it had a lot of trees, brush, and saplings.  I started by clearing out the plants and Dh helped me with the clean-up, which requires getting it ready for pick-up (much harder than it sounds.)  We left the Rose of Sharon for now, but Dh doesn't care for them.  That means they will be cut down pretty soon.  We have plans for a fence soon, so this just helps clear the way.


The last bit I did tonight.  (I had to clear it with the neighbor first as it was on our property line.)  DH made dinner while I dispatched the tree, however he did come out to take a few pics of me.  Though he encourage me to make a Hulk face, they were far too silly to post.  I chose the least silly to share.  This one just looks like I'm really happy to tear trees to bits.

On the way of clearing the last corner of the yard, I found several softballs, two baseballs, and golf ball.  My goodness these people never picked up.  If you recall, we found a lot a while ago, but those were all tossed.

I also found that the previous home owners had a pile of wood, which they covered with mulch.  There are actually several layers here. Seriously?  That's not going to attract snakes and spiders or anything.  Oh well, these are at least easy to clear.


  1. That looks like it was a ton of work! Wow! I can't believe you all did that in one weekend! And I am sure Roy would enjoy chewing on those balls!

    Mulch over wood? Bizarre.


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