Another one about Roy

DH and I had another great weekend.  This one was full of beautiful sunshine and cool temperatures.  Fall has arrived!

My parents came for a short visit.  I was a little concerned that Roy wouldn't know what to do with his old and new owners together, but he handled it just fine.  He still minded us well, though, the cool temperatures made the squirrels more active, which influenced his attention a bit.

He's still doing well inside, but his drinking can be a bit messy.  The mat under his food and water bowl seems to help some, but there are still big water/drool droplets all over the tile floor.  We seem to be able to contain it a lot of times by using an old dish cloth to wipe his mouth.  This really isn't a big deal as it is typically right after our walks and we are hanging up his leash and getting his food prepared.  But, we can't catch it all the time.  Oh well, I guess that just means a little more mopping.

Here he is in his usual spot after a walk (close to the air vents & his water.)

I hope to have an update on my craft room soon.  More to come.


  1. We had the water droplets all over the floor problem with Ringo a lot. You should get some mop shoes. I kid you not. I have some that are great to just slip on and walk over them. You don't even have to bend over!


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