Third and Fourth Completed Rooms

I was reluctant to post these until everything was completed. But, I am slowly learning that a house is a  work in progress.  So, I am introducing the grey room (the old purple room, which looks a little blue - bottom) and the green room (immediately below.)  Notice we still have the curtains that came with the house.  Oh well.  Our plan is to convert the green room to a nursery whenever there is need of it. (Not yet) I think the two closets will provide a good amount of space for clothes, toys, and other sundries. Currently, this room doubles as my dressing room b/c the doors on the master closet are such a pain.

The furniture belonged to my great grandmother :-)
We decided since we are getting a dog (for another post) that the grey room would house the Persian rug instead of the living room, where the dog crate will be.  Since the rug belonged to DH's grandparents, we wanted to keep it dander free and in one piece. And if you are wondering, yes, this is the same rug which decided our paint colors the first floor, but that's the way it goes sometimes.  

Again, no register cover, but soon.
The grey room still needs more art (the one framed piece is from DH's mom - thanks!) and a chair for the corner.


  1. You are wise to learn so early that a house is a work in progress. There is no "done". Five years plus into our house, there are still things I want to do. I love the green room furniture. Is it from Grandma Mae's? I can't quite place it. I wish we lived closer!! I have stuff for you that isn't worth the cost of sending... Maybe a weekend visit is in order this fall!


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