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This week was mostly getting over that darn summer cold.  We couldn't kick the sniffles that seemed to last days and days.  However, we do have some nice updates with the house.  Our 8' 6" by 12' rug came in to replace the DH's grandfather's rug.  While that seems large, it does fit the room nicely.
You'll notice that we haven't put in the new register covers in the living room yet.  The one you saw earlier was purchased for test it's form and function.  While it passed, we haven't received the rest for the house, yet.  Soon.  Also, the outlets don't have plates on them because DH needs to replace the receptacle so it can actually hold a plug.

Please ignore the rug pad being untrimmed.
Now that we are finished painting and have the room in order, I have a before & after picture for you:



We decided to hang up a picture above the mantle.  It was DH's grandfather's; it is Washington Crossing the Delaware. I normally think the gold frame is a bit old fashioned, but I think it looks great with the new colors.  Also considering that the house is a colonial, the style goes quite well.  We think we'll do more like it, too

You'll notice the giant dog crate in the corner.  It is 48" x 30" and should fit our 105 lb dog.  His name is Roy and we will get him in one more week!  He's half Chesapeake Bay Retriever and half Labrador Retriever.  Someone at work suggested calling him a Chesador.  Personally, I like it. :-)

Here's a closeup of the reproduction:

So far the weekend is going well.  I've baked cookies for the new neighbors, made pesto, and started my normal weekend cleaning.  We also started emptying out the storage unit.  Hopefully, I'll get around to unpacking those boxes soon!


  1. The room looks FANTASTIC! What a change and improvement! I love the rug and look forward to pictures of the completed room with registers and everything! Cool!

    I like the painting, too!

  2. I like the painting too!! It's very vintage....


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