Closet & Pantry Before & After

When we first moved in the kitchen pantry and upstairs bathroom closet were filthy, I refused to use them for anything other than cleaning supplies.  About a month ago, DH & I finally got around to cleaning them out.

I removed the shelves, used KrudKutter and a large bristled brush, and scrubbed away the nastiness.  DH used the shop vac to clear out the debris from the shelf supports and floor.  We found old potato chips in the pantry and some sort of amber-colored half-dried goo in the bathroom closet. After using KrudKutter on the shelf supports as well & letting everything dry, I covered the shelves in a liner, and put everything back together.

So much grossness.

Oh, the horror. (This was one of the very first photos before I scrubbed the kitchen floor)

I'm happy to say that we now use both storage spaces. It took a while to get used to putting stuff in there, so that's why this is so late. I didn't want a picture of just an empty space. We still have plenty more room to fill.  With our new dog coming, I'm sure that won't be a problem. :-)

The rubbish bin is underneath the bottom shelf, but the photo doesn't show it well.
The rubbish bin is underneath the bottom shelf, but the photo doesn't show it well.  Also, that bit of black along that shelf is an extra piece of countertop.  I'm not sure why we have it, but I guess it's good to keep on hand.  Perhaps the pantry isn't the best location for it, though.

Also, here's a shot of the bathroom closet.  Unfortunately, we don't have any before shots on this one, but you can imagine much of the same grossness:

Obviously, we haven't gotten around to painting the closet yet.  While it isn't our hue of choice, there is no rush.


  1. Wow! That kitchen closet was disgusting! You did a fantastic job! I love before and after photos. You are so organized. You should take a photo in a year and brag about how organized you are!


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