Quick coco coir project

I finally got around to buying door mats for the house.  Unfortunately, the interior ones didn't work on the low-lying kitchen door, but the outdoor ones turned out wonderfully.  I didn't like a lot of the ones I saw at the store; either form or function was lacking.  So, I purchased some basic coco coir mats and painted them myself.  I used a flat black indoor/outdoor spray paint so it would soak into the coir and not track into the house.

I used tape only on the other one.  It actually turned out better.

Granted, the right one has crisper lines, but I think they turned out well.  It definitely looks better on the front porch now as it stands out much more.


  1. Love this idea! I was just thinking that I need to buy a new doormat for our front door since the monkey has been laying there since 2007. Maybe I will attempt!


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