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A while ago, a friend told me about Steel Cut Oats.  Yesterday, I tried them for the first time.  They are completely different from what I considered 'regular' oatmeal.  My friend warned me that once I tried this kind, I'd never go back.  While I must admit the taste & texture are far superior, the 30 min + cooking time has convinced me to keep Quaker Old Fashioned Oats in my cupboard.  I'm including a picture because the oats look so different than what I'm used to.  The bowl has the prepared version with a little butter and brown sugar.  Yum.
Take a close look at the oats!

I also made pesto with our home grown basil, yesterday.  It doesn't take long and it freezes well.  It's so nice to enjoy the fresh taste in the winter.
This along with salt and pepper and it's done.  (We add the cheese when we defrost the pesto.)

I cut the garlic a bit so I wouldn't end up with any large pieces.

It looks like so little, but I made two batches.


  1. Steel cut oats...yum! There are ways to have them more quickly if you start the night before. Try this one:

  2. You should make your husband make them. I hear that guy doesn't do anything.

  3. Yeah, I heard that, too. For shame...

  4. Hey!! I never told you about steel cut oats! Those were a staple in my household when I thought I had celiac disease. Though the cook time is loathsome, they are delicious! I think I will have to put them on my grocery list.

    The pesto looks yummy!


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