A weekend in Denver

Hubby and I took went to Denver for a sorority sister's wedding this past weekend.  Saturday was all to ourselves, so we went into the mountains.  We quickly learned that the warnings of weather changing were true.  I also found out that at about 14,000 ft, I tend to get a bit light headed. :-)

A true mountain stream
We ran into storms, sleet, and snow & hubby still drove safely around the winding curves in the road.
We emerged from the clouds to see a beautiful blue sky...
... and a beautiful view.
That's me, freezing (almost, it was 37,) but enjoying the view at 14,140 ft!


  1. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! And I didn't realize you had been in the inclement weather like that. Kind of cool! And you look cute with your hands in your pockets looking at the mountains. I'm glad you both had a good time!


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