Unexpected Flowers

With all the dirtiness inside and excessive shrubbery outside, it's all that much more pleasant when something beautiful shows up.  I'd like to do a small post of all those things:

The star lily surprise in the front yard.

Pink/purple Rose of Sharon

White Rose of Sharon

Pink/purple Petunia.

Okay, so the last one wasn't too much of a surprise as I planted it.  The others were unexpected though.   The lily was unfortunately knocked over by a strong wind a few days after that picture was taken.  Oh well.  The Rose of Sharon's are doing well, though.  We seem to have a lot of them, so we've been enjoying the blooms for about a week and a half so far.  I'm sure we have several weeks worth of buds on there still.

As we rip out even more trees & bushes (from the back yard this time,) it is nice to see at least something pretty to encourage us along.

Pictures of the back yard to come!


  1. I had never heard of the rose of Sharon. Who is Sharon?

    Next time you go to Indiana, you'll have to get something from Grandma to plant. She gave me a tomato plant and I told Olivia that it is her job to water it. She came in tonight with three unripe tomatoes, too. Haha!

    You're doing a great job blogging! You are NOT shouting at an empty room!

  2. That's too funny & super cute. Grandma gave us the petunias actually. She also gave us a Big Beef tomato and two Tiny Tom cherry tomatoes.

    And thanks :-)


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