Second Complete Room

Again, almost.  Hubby has to hang some pictures, but other than that, the kitchen in finished!  The red color will stay for a little while as this room's paint was done fairly well. An interior designer suggested that we use Benjamin Moore's Litchfield Gray.  Had I taken the photos in a better light, you'd be able to see that the color does work well.

Yes, that is a torte cooling on the stove-top. :-)  Apricot, one of hubby's favorites.  Also, notice the fine cherry-blossom artwork supplied by a niece. Very nice.

I was a little worried that the side counter area (below) would be a dropping off point for the usual things: mail, keys, purses, etc.  My mother in law suggested we designate the area for containers & cook books.  I've found that since it has a set purpose, I want to keep it just for that.

Pictures of the hardwoods to follow...


  1. Show off!! A torte on the stove! No, really, I am jealous...of eating that and having the time to cook that. Scratch that. I know that you don't really have time since you are updating everything, that you made time. Good for you! And Alex!

    Love the artwork! I'll have to show Olivia this picture!

    I like the idea of designating the counter for certain things. We have a problem of things piling up...


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