Paint... oh the choices

Hubby and I have decided that when it comes to paint colors, he'll recommend a color family and I will choose the exact colors.  With the master bedroom, I had about five color swatches for options. But with the living room, I painted four test patches on the wall.  We pretty much decided on Rugged Suede from Lowes, but after the new rug came, we realized it wouldn't work.  I then picked up 11 color swatches and taped them to the wall. This is what I chose as our possibilities.

I may have gone overboard with the options, but I did cut it down from 17 :-)

Sharkin (on the left) is the favorite so far! Also, I really can cut a straight line, I was just cutting two at a time.

Almost Charcoal (left) caught hubby's eye, but it's a bit too dark on the wall.   City Storm (right) may be a touch too purple to match the rug.

The idea is to paint the living room a deep grey and have the white book shelves, fireplace surround, baseboards, and crown molding (which we have yet to install) to offset it.  We're looking to do something like this, but without the wainscoting, though we did consider it:

Since we have a colonial and the persian rug, I think the living room will be a bit more traditional.  We're still leaning towards a modern feel, though.  I think we'll be able to accomplish that through the furniture and decorations.


  1. Wow! I love this idea. I wish Erin would weigh in on this. This looks like something she would do. You could always do wainscoting after the fact if it was too dark, or install it in years to come as a remodel then. I'm excited to come visit!


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