Hardwood Progress

We've done well this past week.  All the boxes from the living room are unpacked & broken down. 

We've scrubbed nearly all the remaining floors.  Notice the knee pads.  We both have pairs since we've been doing so much major cleaning.  On the plus side, our efforts have enabled me to go barefoot in the house now.  It was not very pleasant before. 

And, we've been able to enjoy the one piece in our living room, a very nice rug from hubby's grandfather. 

We had planned on a warm grey for the living room walls, but I think we might go with hubby's preference of a cool grey b/c it would go better with the rug.  I think it is a pretty enough piece to change our plans.

We had considered Valspar's Rugged Suede, but I'm leaning towards Sharkfin or even Cornflower Blue.


  1. I like the cornflower blue, personally, but probably better to go with what Hubby wants! What does your furniture for that room look like? Maybe that is a consideration. Or are you doing curtains? Maybe that would be a factor.

  2. We don't have furniture for this room yet. All our other living room furniture is in the basement/media area. We're still up on the air with that one. I'd like to plan it all around the rug, but I'm not too sure yet.


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