First complete room.

Well, almost complete.  Our master bedroom received a thorough scrub, fresh paint, new outlets (the others wouldn't hold a plug,) and all our furniture.  We decided to go with a different color as the uneven walls had to be repainted anyway. We went with Valspar's Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow.  I like it now, but I think I'll love it even more in the winter when everything is dull outside.


Hubby even hung our first picture for the new house.  I think it makes the room feel much more finished, plus the yellow's match very well.  We may put that one above the headboard and another that is a little bigger between the windows instead.


We're replacing the registers as the others are painted over so you cannot open and close them.  We'll add a mirror over the dresser, too.  Hubby hasn't refinished the one that came with it yet; the design looks a bit dated, so there's no hurry.  I'm thinking of getting one from Lowe's.  Since we are there so often for paint, yard bags, weather stripping, nails, and other sundries, I see their mirror selection every now and then.  Honestly, it's pretty good.  I'm thinking of something like this:

Or this, but black.  I'm thinking dark b/c I won't be able to match the furniture and the other picture we'll put in has a large black frame.  This might help balance the room.
Any thoughts on the mirror selection?