Spring Break

It's a good day.  My shingles is much better. The kids are happy and healthy. And my husband is wonderful.

A few bad but fun pictures of Asher and me. He's only happy if he's moving. :-)

A fer Asher updates:He is getting his sixth tooth. He will now have four teeth on the bottom and two on the top.  It's very cute.He says "Mama" a lot. He says "Dada" when he sees Wolf Blitzer.  We don't know why.He waves hello to people.He will eat anything.He likes to try to put his toes in his mouth. Depending on how he is positioned, he succeeds.He likes to play peekaboo.

Isaac is happy to be back at school after Spring Break last week.  He talks about his friends a lot. A few updates:He like having books read to him.  However, there are certain books only I am allowed to read. For example, "Book with no pictures" is strictly a mommy-only book. Apparently Alex doesn't make the noises/expressions/faces/whatever the same way.He is asserting his in…

Grin and Bear it (Roar)

Kids don't understand when you are ill. They just want you to be mommy or daddy. I'll cry to Alex, but I always try to be happy around my kids.  Most of the time I succeed. The other day I yelled and said, "No more crying!" to them when they were testing out their horror movie screams. When Asher cries (for more food mostly) Isaac often joins in just to add to the noise or he whines. One day it was too much for me on top of feeling lousy.

We have been lucky to be able to go out and play during these ups and downs of the weather.  Here are a few of us playing. The first is my lilacs budding finally after a few years of having the plant. Unfortunately, we are going down to 19F ; -7C tonight. There goes the buds. Ugh.

And then the weather changed. Isaac got a kick out of the snowballs and how they break apart. We had even more snow the day after, but I had to go to work. By the time I came home it had all melted.

I posted this on Facebook, but I wanted to share it here,…

More than our fair share

There are some things I like to have in excess: cake, ice cream, chocolates. It seems that instead of having these sweet things, we have been given something else. Sickness. A whole lot of it. This past fall was filled with sickness Isaac brought home from preschool. It seemed like every other week we had a cough, runny nose, or stomach bug. This winter it was apparently my turn. I had a bad muscle spasm in my neck, mastitis, and now shingles.  Shingles! Alex jokes that I'm an old lady.  He can joke because I lucked out and it's not terrible.  It's not good by any stretch of the word, but it could be worse.

Now that you've read all this, I'll give you some pictures, which is why you are really here. Plus, I have some exciting news, Asher took his first steps!!! I stayed home on Friday, the day after I got the news from the Dr., and I got to see Asher take three steps on his own. Mr. Trouble is on the move!!

All Aboard!

We're all about trains after another visit from family.  We recently received a train table. Now we have a big train that actually runs.  It was Alex's and his siblings when they were young. Fran and Vern brought it when they visited this past weekend it was an instant success.  It's something that Isaac can only play with a parent, but he's still thrilled. I should know more about the type of train, but I don't. I'm sure I'll be just as well versed in trains one day as I am elevators. :-)

The visit was nice, but we had a cold weekend after having wonderfully warm weather, so we didn't get to do much. We still went on walks, but no trips to the zoo this time. The kids were able to get some good play time in, though, so that was nice.

Nine Hours!

Asher slept nine hours straight the other night. This was the first time ever. It was wonderful.  At that time I fed and changed him, then he slept another 4 hours.  What a life. It was great for me, though. I slept in until almost 7:00am, so I'm thrilled.

We've had a pretty good week. Last weekend my parents came to visit us for a quick trip. It seems our visits are always centered around food. Next time I hope they stay longer and we can do more activities. You know, more food. :-)

They brought presents that we couldn't fit into the car and they brought a train table that wasn't being used by my nephews anymore. It's been an instant hit!  Isaac loves playing and Asher loves being destructive. It's at a good level so Asher can walk around it on his own. I find that I'll put the track together and am happy with what I've done, then Asher comes and ruins it. I think I care more than Isaac. :-)
We've been enjoying the weather as well. We get out as mu…


I normally don't go this long without posting.  Here's an update.

Alex and I finally got out on a date. Hooray!  We didn't do much, but it was just us and that's what counts.  A good dinner, a good conversation, and a drive alone was just what we needed. We're excited that we found a babysitter that Isaac liked, so that worked out well.  Thank you, Christine, for the tip about

Isaac's humor is getting better all the time. He still suggests bad flavor combinations and laughs.  Or, he'll say suggest a silly situation that he knows we wouldn't allow, like eating PB&J in the bathtub.  He finds these very funny and laughs. He still thinks being defiant is funny, but we're working on that. At least he realizes when I'm annoyed with his bad behavior. He'll say, "Mommy's frustrated."

I've been having a lot of headaches lately and bad neck pain.  After dealing with it for over two weeks, I decided to see my doct…

Small update

When I should have been marching, I was taking care of kiddos. We played outside while Alex worked. The kids haven't been feeling 100%, so we took it easy. We went over to our neighbor's house, who are the kids surrogate grandparents. Gailzy and Pop are great to the kids and wonderful to us. Saturday morning was warm, so we played on the deck and got some fresh air. Plus, I didn't want to bring the remnants of a cold into their house. This is not a flattering picture of her. She is a real beauty.

Isaac and I also played with chalk, which is always fun.  Isaac asks me to draw something, and I try to draw something recognizable. Thomas and Percy are some frequent requests, so I have practice.

On Sunday we baked and were in the kitchen a lot. Isaac now has his own apron, so he was in his element.

I got a few of Asher being cute. His cheeks aren't too rosy in this, but they sure were that night. In fact, he was up a lot.

One day we'll be well again. This year of presch…