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Fun with the boys

This hold is lingering, but we were still able to have fun this past weekend.  Isaac talks about the zoo all the time, so we got up early one day and explored a different area that we haven't been to for a while.

 One of Isaac's favorite animals is the giraffe, so we swung by that area twice.

In other news, Asher likes spaghetti.

We've been playing a lot outside too, now that we have an awesome slide off the deck.  We've been able to see everything green and lush.  Plus, the irises just bloomed. Hooray!

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Spring Cold but having fun anyway

Despite my certainty that my illness quota had been reached this year, we were struck down by a head cold.  Oh, the phlegm. I stayed home one day because I was sick and part of another day for Alex.  Both kids haven't been sleeping well, but it's getting better.

While home for the part-day, I managed to take Asher's one-year photos.  Yes, I know I'm a month late.  They turned out okay. They'd be better if I photo-shopped them a bit. This is in Asher's room with a sheet over his crib and all the blinds open and lights on.

We still managed to have fun this week, too around the yard and at the playground.

This toothbrush mustache is brought to you by: Nutella!

I love my boys

I know I might vent from time to time, but these boys amaze me. It is so gratifying to see them learn new things, hear "please" and "thank you" from Isaac, and get hugs and kisses from both.

Isaac is still super musical and wants to sing, dance, or play music all the time.  He's surprisingly good at making up tunes. He is silly and wants to do everything quickly, like run somewhere or sing Mary Had a Little Lamb at top speed.  He also takes after his Daddy and tries to make me laugh.

Asher is getting all his molars at once.  He is also going through another growth spurt.  All he does is eat and sleep.  One of the few foods he doesn't like is eggs, but he eats everything else so well, that it's okay.  He is a happy boy who is very curious.  He will run to you and give you a hug if you have your arms stretched out. It melt my heart every time.

Last weekend we were so relieved that we had sun again that we took a family trip to the zoo. It was great and ni…


I'm so behind!  Work is crazy, life is normal, but normal is hectic.  Time is flying by.

We've gotten out in between the rainy days, which are many.  We've made a few discoveries, too.

Asher likes banana bread.... a lot.

The back steps of the local public library are great to play on when the ground is saturated.

The signing egg timer is awesome and let's you know which stages to pull the eggs based on your preferences.

Asher hates eggs.  I didn't get a picture of the after, but here he was about to try hard boiled eggs for the first time.  It wasn't a good surprise for him.

Harry Potter night at our house included some cute owl cupcakes.  Moaning Myrtle announced the bathroom and the Fat Lady asked for the password to the basement.

Before the rainy season came, Isaac played a lot with the neighbors.  We have a new slide that will go up on the deck at some point when everything dries out.

Asher enjoys being outdoors as much as his brother.

My seedlings made it…


Over the Easter weekend, I went to my mother's house with the kids. Alex stayed home and worked on the yard, wood working, and actual work.

We had a great time visiting with family.  It was so nice to see everyone and spend time with them. Good conversation, good food, and a good time was had by all.  It was much warmer and drier than expected, but no complaints here!

Down by the creek...

Ringing the farm bell.  This was a huge hit and Isaac was out there ringing all the time!!

Playing over at Stephanie's house

Easter Sunday, somehow the Easter Bunny got inside. My mother said she left the living room door open.  That must have been it.  He also left a bunch of eggs outside, too.

Hanging out with Grandpa Steve.

Ringing the bell again and hanging out with Grandma.  They did this a lot while I was able to nap, shower, pack up again. This was great.
Last minute cousin play.